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Promotions 2020


December 19, 2020
Dennis McTaggart-FF1 to Engineer

December 17, 2020
Josh Romero-Lieutenant to Captain
Matthew Lancaster-FF1 to Lieutenant

December 16, 2020
Grant Finster-FF1 to Lieutenant

December 09, 2020
Jeffery Wagoner-FF1 to Lieutenant

November-no promotions

October 31, 2020
Jared Russo-Technician to Lieutenant
Michael Aragon-Lieutenant to Captain
Salvador Bonilla-Captain to Assistant Chief

October 25, 2020
Alberto (Alex) Paez-Assistant Chief to Division Chief
Anthony (Tony) Martin-Assistant Chief to Division Chief
Warren Mitchell-Assistant Chief to Division Chief

October 12, 2020
Desmond Fulton-Deputy Chief to Fire Chief
Jeremy Vigil-Division Chief to Deputy Chief

September 26. 2020
Eric Haag-Lieutenant to Captain
Luis Cedillo-Engineer to Lieutenant
Marc Wiederrich-Captain to Assistant Chief
Matthew Scanlan-FF1 to Engineer

September 08. 2020
David Valdez-FF1 to Engineer
Garret Majors-FF1 to Engineer
Jesse Olson-FF1 to Engineer
Luke Ginther-Technician to Engineer
Mark Ertle-FF1 to Engineer
Michael Median-FF1 to Engineer
Sonja Klopf-FF1 to Engineer
Tony DeLorenzo-FF1 to Engineer
William Kuhn-FF1 to Engineer

August 27, 2020
Kurt Buhler- Lieutenant to Captain

July 24, 2020
Alberto (Alex) Paez Captain to Assistant Chief
Andrew Drapeau Assistant Chief to Shift Commander
Cory DeBaere Shift Commander to Division Chief
Justin Bunting Lieutenant Engineer to Lieutenant

July 6, 2020
Colton Liberacki new to DFD as a Fire Technician System Specialist-Welcome FTSS Liberacki

July 4, 2020
Daniel Ramsey Master Mechanic 3 to Assistant Master Mechanic