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Licenses, COs, TCOs


The License and Occupancy Inspections Group conducts Fire Prevention Division inspections for (1) business license applications issued by Excise and Licenses, (2) construction permits issued by Development Services for Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and tenant finish Final, (3) State of Colorado construction permits and (4) referrals from citizens and Firehouses. Depending on the occupancy type that is being inspected, applicable sections of the Fire Code, as well as the standards referenced in Chapter 47, will be enforced during the inspection.

Members of the License and Occupancy Inspection Group are frequently required to attend pre-construction/pre-occupancy phasing meetings with developers, general contractors and the FPE’s for large or complex projects. During the meetings, a safe and Code compliant plan is developed which allows the building to be occupied in phases. Meeting notes and diagrams are retained and referenced by inspectors when the project is ready to be occupied.

After inspections on new construction are completed the information is entered into the FIREHOUSE program. This information is used to create new inspections in Firehouse for the annual inspection program.


Some of the general items that are noted during inspections are:

*Has the current use of the building been approved- is a new Certificate of Occupancy required.

*Have all required construction permits been obtained.

*Are any Fire Department Operational permits required.

*Compliance of exit components (number of exits, travel distance, door swing, horizontal exits)

*Compliance of door hardware specific to occupancy group.

*Verification that all Code required signage is installed.

*Verification of function of all in-room alarm devices in residential occupancies.

*Completion of Tenant Emergency Guide in residential occupancies.

*Verification of emergency power transfer and function. NFPA 110 load test report.

*Verification that required hydrants have been installed.