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High Rises


The High Rise Group is responsible for annually inspecting commercial and residential high-rise buildings in the city and county of Denver. During our inspections, we verify that all the building’s life safety systems are being properly tested and maintained in accordance with the International Fire Code and NFPA standards.  In addition to verifying that routine (annual) testing and maintenance has been accomplished by an individual or company that has been licensed through our Division, members of the high-rise group also ensure that the more stringent, periodic tests such as 3-year, full load test for generators; 5-year flow tests; and PRV tests for standpipes etc. are being accomplished with 3 year’s worth of records maintained on site at all times for verification.  Along with all other groups in the Fire Prevention Division, the High Rise group also investigates referrals from the fire houses and citizen complaints specific to high-rise buildings as well as all other occupancy types.