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Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month Week 3

Week 3: Prevention, Education and Best Practice                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Turn knowledge into action. Cancer is a big issue facing the fire service, but you can prevent or limit your exposure to carcinogens. This week addresses best practices that should be followed on the fire ground, at the station and in your personal lives. They include on-scene gross decontamination, clean cab concept and modifiable risk factors.

To get the most from this week, we recommend taking one day this week and conduct a Safety Stand Down. All resources are also available to review at your convenience.

  • Example of Cancer Prevention in Action: FDNY Video: Education and Awareness From Day One(5-minute runtime)
    The FDNY begins training new recruits on the importance of contamination reduction. They prepare each recruit with the necessary tools for a long and healthy career.  
  • Research Paper: Contamination of Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment and Skin and the Effectiveness of Decontamination Procedures by Dr. Kenneth Fent
    This study provides a greater understanding of the exposure pathways associated with firefighting and the measures that can be implemented to reduce these exposures.
  • Educational Presentation #3: Cancer Prevention
    A 45-slide presentation that discusses cancer prevention for fire fighters including contamination risks, modifiable risk factors and tips for keeping a clean cab. Note: Make sure you view the presentation in “presenter mode” to capture the instructor notes for the slides.
  • Survivor Story: Donna Luce-MacDonald / Providence, RI Local 799 (6-minute video)
  • Leadership/Survivorship: American Cancer Society: Survivorship Programs in Your Area
    The American Cancer Society has many resources that help support people with cancer and their loved ones. And best of all, our help is free. We can connect you with these resources, whether you are a cancer patient, caregiver of a person with cancer, community leader or volunteer, health care professional or someone who wants to know about programs and services. We can also help you find other free or low-cost resources available. 


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