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Fire Prevention


Division 2 Chief Cory DeBaere – Fire Prevention

Welcome to Denver Fire Bulletin. This website is a dedicated information resource for the men and women of the Denver Fire Department.

Members are encouraged to navigate the site to become familiar with the information provided by different divisions

Denver Fire Department Mission Statement

The Denver Fire Department is dedicated to:

*Providing quality, timely, and professional emergency services to those who live in, work in, and visit the City and County of Denver and the communities to which we serve.

*Respecting each other through trust, pride, diversity, integrity, and training.

*Working together to achieve the highest levels of preparedness, prevention, and community involvement with a dedication to purpose.


DFD Gases Code

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Ride-alongs with Fire Prevention

A firefighter carrying a child out of a burning building–that’s instantly recognized as hero’s work, and rightly so.

A firefighter or fire protection engineer signing off after a day working in the less dramatic world of inspections, permits and plan review–not so much.

But in fact, Fire Prevention’s work to bring properties and processes into line with Denver’s Fire Code saves untold numbers of lives and amounts of property. While our work is not nearly as hazardous as fighting fires in the field, it is complex, demanding, and requires its own kind of courage and conviction. Effectively communicating the value of this work is key to recruiting good people and obtaining support for our programs.

Photo: Denver Fire Prevention

Photo: Denver Fire Prevention

That’s why we’re so pleased that, within the past month, several people from the Mayor’s Office and other City agencies have signed up to go on ride-alongs with Fire Prevention members, to better understand the work we do by seeing it first-hand.

Ride-alongs have focused on:

-marijuana growing and processing facilities

-high-rise inspections

-hazardous materials, explosives and flammable liquids

-conveyance inspections

-occupancy inspections of new buildings

-inspections of large assembly occupancies

-review of plans and issuance of permits for special events (indoor and outdoor venues)

One official who is working on the city’s implementation of Accela, the civic technology platform that Denver is adopting, sent us a note after his ride-along: “I had a wonderful time with your team and have a much better understanding of potential productivity gains through Accela, especially in the areas of mobile access and a more consolidated source of information across City agencies.”

If someone from your agency would benefit from a ride-along with Fire Prevention, please contact Operations Supervisor, Nicole Skoumal.