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August 2023 Promotions-Congratulations

Technician to Lieutenant Adam Wheeler 08/01/2023 FF1 to Lieutenant Joshua Schauer 08/01/2023 FF1 to Lieutenant Kyle Shelton 08/01/2023 FF1 to Lieutenant Sean Toomey 08/01/2023 Engineer to Lieutenant Jerry Byxbe 08/01/2023 FF1 to Lieutenant Jonathan Brumley 08/01/2023 FF1 to Engineer Jairo Tiscareno 08/05/2023 Technician to Engineer Jeffrey Boyer 08/05/2023 FF1 to Engineer Austin Sorenson 08/22/2023 FF1 […]

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July 2023 Retirements-Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Engineer Elizabeth Riviere-25 years-retired 07/04/2023 Lieutenant Michael S. Garcia-31 years-retired 07/07/2023 Lieutenant Debra Thorson-28 years-retired 07/08/2023 Engineer Caroll D. Smith-36 years-retired 07/08/2023 Engineer Steven F. Cordes-36 years- retired 07/08/2023 Engineer Thomas Calabrese-27 years- retired 07/09/2023 Lieutenant Lawrence Nylander-8 years-retired 07/15/2023

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