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Marijuana Program


 The Fire Prevention Marijuana Group has been tasked with inspecting, permitting and regulating all occupancies engaged in the sales, cultivation, processing, testing, and storage of marijuana and marijuana products. This responsibility involves a high level of coordination with other city agencies including Excise and License, Development Services, Denver Police, State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, Neighborhood Inspection Services and Environmental Health. 

 Fire Prevention conducts plan review for marijuana facilities to ensure that construction and modifications to facilities comply with the Denver Fire Code. Inspections are conducted by the Licensing Group for marijuana business license sign offs and Certificate of Occupancy approvals. Compliance inspections are scheduled twice annually by the Fire Prevention Marijuana Inspections Group. Referrals, re-inspections, collaborative inspections with partner agencies, and home grow inspections are completed as identified.

 Hazards present in marijuana facilities include pesticide use, CO2 enrichment, flammable liquid storage and use, and un-permitted construction. Additionally, home grow and other questionable occupancies present issues for inspectors related to legality and right of entry challenges. Incidents in marijuana facilities are frequently related to extraction processes which utilize a variety of hazardous solvents, as well as constantly evolving processes and procedures, some of which are taking place prior to obtaining permits and approvals.