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Conveyance Program

 The Denver Fire Department is continuing our relationship with the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety and we will continue to be the Authority having Jurisdiction for conveyances installed in the City and County of Denver and the City of Sheridan.  This authority includes management and enforcement of the Conveyance Inspections Program for all conveyances (elevators, escalators, moving walkways, platform lifts, automated people movers [trains at DIA], etc.) within the City and County of Denver to the Denver Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division. This transfer of responsibility is provided under a Memorandum of Agreement, with the State providing oversight of the program. This responsibility includes meeting State of Colorado mandates to assure that all conveyances meet or exceed minimum safety standards. 

The Fire Prevention Division will assure these standards by providing organized procedures for the reviewing of plans and specifications for new and altered installations, field checking new and existing conveyances inspected by 3rd party private inspectors, performing inspections of all types of conveyances, issuing Conveyance Certificates of Operation and requiring that industry personnel working within City be certified by the Division.

In many instances the Fire Departments conveyance requirements are more stringent than the State Conveyance Regulations. To gain a better understanding of our requirements, please refer to the Denver Building and Fire Codes by clicking on the following link.  City and County of Denver – 2016 Building and Fire Code