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Promotions 2022


January 18, 2022
Brian Champlin-Technician to Lieutenant

February 16, 2022
Russell DAvis-FF1 to Engineer

March 05, 2022
Chad Cranmer-Captain to Assistant Chief
William Bauer-Lieutenant to Captain
Nicholas Martinez-FF1 to Lieutenant

April 17, 2022
Robbie Turner-Lieutenant to Captain
Thomas Martinez-Technician to Lieutenant
Austin Blanchard-FF1 to Lieutenant
Adrian Rivera-FF1 to Lieutenant

May 05, 2022
Lacy Burke-Lieutenant to Captain
Phillip Shorts-FF1 to Lieutenant

May 26, 2022
Trevor Hanson-Engineer-Technician to Engineer
Dan Busi-FF1 to Engineer
Christopher G. Harris-FF1 to Engineer
Richard Gorman-FF1 to Engineer

June 20, 2022
Patrick Houseal-FF1 to Lieutenant

June 21, 2022
Tyler Harman-FF1 to Lieutenant

June 25, 2022
Gregory Pixley- Captain to Assistant Chief
Christopher James- Lieutenant to Captain
Jared Rovner- FF1 to Lieutenant

July 8, 2022
Jeremy Raskin-Captain to Assistant Chief
Juan Vigil-Lieutenant to Captain
Michael Poveda-FF1 to Lieutenant

July 16, 2022
Benjamin Grover-Lieutenant to Captain
Ashaun Drumgo-Engineer to Lieutenant
Elaine Higginbotham-FF1 to Engineer

August 6, 2022
Bryan Parker-FF1 to Engineer

August 31, 2022
Montee Carpio-Captain to Assistant Chief
John Chism-Lieutenant to Captain
Jesse Kerler-FF1 to Lieutenant

September 17, 2022
Josh Odendahl-Captain to Assistant Chief
Nicolas Stager-Lieutenant to Captain
Fernando Martinez-Engineer to Lieutenant
Dan Ramsey-Assistant Master Mechanic to Master Mechanic