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October 2020 Promotions-Congratulations

October 31, 2020 Jared Russo-Technician to Lieutenant Michael Aragon-Lieutenant to Captain Salvador Bonilla-Captain to Assistant Chief October 25, 2020 Alberto (Alex) Paez-Assistant Chief to Division Chief Anthony (Tony) Martin-Assistant Chief to Division Chief Warren Mitchell-Assistant Chief to Division Chief October 12, 2020 Desmond Fulton-Deputy Chief to Fire Chief Jeremy Vigil-Division Chief to Deputy Chief

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September 2020 Promotions-Congratulations

September 26. 2020 Marc Wiederrich-Captain-Assistant Chief Eric Haag-Lieutenant to Captain Luis Cedillo-Engineer to Lieutenant Matthew Scanlan-FF1 to Engineer September 08. 2020 Sonja Klopf-FF1 to Engineer Jesse Olson-FF1 to Engineer Garret Majors-FF1 to Engineer Mark Ertle-FF1 to Engineer Michael Medina-FF1 to Engineer David Valdez-FF1 to Engineer William Kuhn-FF1 to Engineer Tony DeLorenzo-FF1 to Engineer Luke Ginther-Technician […]

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Important Reminder for ALL DFD members

As a reminder, please keep the following in mind: Firefighters, please respect the social distancing at subdivisions. Repair Shop “Drop-ins” must be kept to a minimum. Please call and schedule when possible. Please limit visits only to the number of crew members needed to accomplish the task. (4 crew members not required to come in […]

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DFD COVID-19 IAP Daily Update

 Updates for the DFD COVID-19 Incident Action Plan (IAP) are located on the left side of this screen in the COVID-19 Information box.  Please click on the orange “Employee COVID-19 Update” scrolling screen for the PDF versions of the DFD COVID-19 IAP.  Safety HR Processes and Policy for COVID-19 are located on the second slide […]

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DFD COVID-19 IAP 3-16-2020

DFD COVID-19 IAP 03-16-2020 DFD COVID-19 IAP 03-16-2020 Please see the attached document regarding the DFD COVID-19 Incident Action Plan (IAP).    This information has also been assigned to uniform members via Target Solutions. FYI – Personnel may receive important messages multiple times due to our diligence in ensuring all communication is received by ALL DFD […]

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