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Congratulations and Thank You to Division 3 Chief Steve Ellis

 After over 28-years of dedicated service to the Citizens of the City and County of Denver, Division Chief Steve Ellis is retiring.  On behalf of the DFD Fire Dispatch Unit, we would like to congratulate Steve on his retirement, and thank him for his service, friendship, and professionalism. 

Steve worked as a Firefighter on Engine Co. 15, and Engine Co. 3.  Steve was promoted to Engineer and assigned to Hamer Co. 1.  Steve was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the Safety & Training Division and then District #2.   Steve was promoted to Captain, and assigned to Technical Services Division, then Engine Co. 23, and then Tower Co. 23.  Steve was promoted to Assistant Chief and assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau.  Steve was promoted to Division Chief and assigned to lead the Technical Services Division. 

Steve has many friends on the job and is known by all to be a true gentleman.  Steve is and always has been very approachable, kind, and courteous to all.  Steve has an excellent work ethic and has given 110% for the past 28-years and will not let off the gas until he leaves on his last day.  The City, and the Citizens have gotten more than their money’s worth from Steve. 

Steve is a second generation DFD Firefighter, having followed in his Father’s footsteps, retired Engineer Vern Ellis (DFD Engine Co. 3) another, really terrific man! 

Steve has left everything he’s been associated with on the DFD better than how he found it.  As the leader of the critically important Technical Services Division, Steve has led the team providing the unglamorous support services to the DFD that are essential in order to successfully accomplish our daily mission of emergency service delivery.   

We wish Steve the very best for a long, healthy, and happy retirement.  Steve, our Friend and Brother, thank you for everything, safe travels, and my God Bless you and your family.


Your Fire Dispatch Unit Team.      

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