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Motorola Radio Re-Programming – Training Materials & Channel Lineups 3-17-21

This is an update to the original Motorola radio training post from March 2018. Lineshop Radio Technicians are currently updating channel lineup code plugs, firmware, and testing / aligning all Motorola Portable and Mobile rig radios. Below are is the new DFD channel lineup and Interop cheat sheet.

APX6000XE General Radio Lineup 3-5-21

DFD Radio Lineup 4.5.21 (Print Version)

Interop Channel Cheat Sheet 3-5-21


Please see all attached information regarding the operation of the new Motorola APX6000XE radios that were activated on March 18th 2019 and Re-Programmed April 18th through 22nd. Key programming changes are listed below:

Changes to the APX6000XE Portables include:

  1. Moving the keypad, radio channel buttons, and lapel mic channel button lock feature from the side purple button to the top switch under the Zone knob.
  2. The purple button became screen back light and display invert.
  3. Front keypad buttons 1 through 6 are now MS1 – 6 used for channel presets.
  4. Repeater control on Command and Officer radios was added on a “Page” menu located on the RPTR 2-9 Zone 14. All Trucks with repeaters are listed and activated from there.
  5. An abbreviated channel lineup was implemented at DFD Operations request to more easily find most commonly used channels. This channel lineup will be reduced again for front line apparatus only at a later date. Operations still needs to discuss which channels will be eliminated.
  6. 16 DFD Truck APX4500 radios were upgraded with the DVRS / MSU option in anticipation of installing the Futurecom DVRS repeaters. We have configured all DFD repeaters and will start installation sometime next week on DFD Front Line Trucks. Ignition sense was implemented on the APX4500 radios on all apparatus.


CDP25 APX6000XE Radio – DFD Training 1-Pager (24-Apr-2019)

CCDP25 DFD APX6000 Training Final (07-Mar-2019)




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DFD Motorola P25 Radio Lineup with Both GIDs Rev. S With Arson Channels 4-24-2019

DFD Motorola P25 Radio Lineup with Both GIDs Rev. S Without Arson Channels 4-24-2019

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