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What Immediate Actions Can I Take to Protect Myself?

1 – Use SCBA from initial attack to finish of overhaul. (Not wearing SCBA in both active and post-fire environments is the most dangerous voluntary activity in the fire service today.)

2 – Do gross field decon of PPE to remove as much soot and particulates as possible.

3 – Use Wet-Nap or baby wipes to remove as much soot as possible from head, neck, jaw, throat, underarms and hands immediately and while still on the scene.

4 – Change your clothes and wash them immediately after a fire.

5 – Shower thoroughly after a fire.

6 – Clean your PPE, gloves, hood and helmet immediately after a fire.

7 – Do not take contaminated clothes or PPE home or store it in your vehicle.

8 – Decon fire apparatus interior after fires.

9 – Keep bunker gear out of living and sleeping quarters.

10 – Stop using tobacco products.

11 – Use sunscreen or sun block.

The importance of annual medical examinations cannot be overstated — early detection and early treatment are essential to increasing survival.